Hey honey! Welcome!


I’m Anna and I’m your Queen Bee 😉

I am SO excited for the launch of my brand new website!!! This has been a beautiful labor of love that has been in the works for the last few months with my friends Kenzie + Mikayla over at Kyla Studio :). Everything you see here has been a collaborative process, much of which they drew out of me via multiple branding strategy sessions! The goal was to bring Hey Honey to the next level (Siri play “Level Up” by Ciara ?), and it was important to me that this refresh of the brand reflected: “warm”, “cinematic”, and “fun”!

Without further ado…here’s some things I wanted to share about my mission, values, and why I do what I do as a wedding and portrait photographer!


Hey Honey Photography’s…


San Francisco Bay Area wedding + portrait photographer with a mission to draw out the best in you!

Just call me your extra bridesmaid with camera in hand ;).

I believe in people-centered photography and want every client to feel like they are the star of their images.
I love using photography to help people see the best possible versions of themselves. It’s my mission to
draw out the best in others through a comfortable environment in which every client can shine.

Love is a powerful force, it has the power to change people and atmospheres.

I love celebrating…
Young love
Old Love
Your love
Self love
All kinds of love



Core Values

  • Empowerment
  • Celebration
  • Community



Our Traits

  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Personable
  • Resourceful
  • Passionate



Unpacking our core values…

Here are some things I really want you to know and feel when interacting with Hey Honey!

  • Relationships are the heartbeat of life! They’re the cornerstone of what gives life
    richness. Photographing together is a celebration of your most important relationships :).
  • Photo sessions should be a safe zone for people to unfold who you really are!
  • Intentionality is very important to me, and setting clear expectations for clients is a huge
    value so we are on the same page. Brene Brown says, “Clear is kind, unclear is unkind,”
    Hey Honey exists to help you stay and be in love with your honey + loved ones, as well as
    spread bee-ing kind ;).
  • The heart behind my business is really to just celebrate and champion healthy
    relationships through fun + empowering photographic experiences!
  • I’ve always been a bit fascinated with relationships. Community and family play such an
    important role in how we see ourselves. Getting to be a part of documenting legacy in
    one’s life through their relationships makes my heart sing!


Why I do what I do…

  • I LOVE getting to celebrate + champion people’s relationships!
  • Seeing people in love gives me heart eyes ?.
  • My business exists to tell your love story, and to capture you and your boo ❤️.
  • Recording memories to cherish forever to invoke the best feelings of nostalgia.
  • I love creating + serving people with beautiful imagery!
  • I strive to give my clients that “Wow!” factor when they receive their gallery :).



Enjoy playing on the new site! Relax, get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, and stay a while :)…


xoxo Anna